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internal doors

  Paneled Doors

We supply and fit a wide range of paneled doors, from the cheaper ones right up to the hardwood paneled doors in solid timber or veneered doors.

internal doors

  Softwood Internal Doors

From a past era but still very popular for people who want something different, paneled doors are a little more expensive but worth the outlay. Get the paneled door that you want.

internal doors

  Veneered Internal Doors

Veneered doors are the next step up in the price range, usually with a solid hardwood veneer, it's difficult to tell these from the genuine hardwood door. They are certainly worth considering and do have other advantages over the solid hardwood door, contact us for further information.

internal doors

  Hardwood Internal Doors

The genuine hardwood door, expensive...yes. But, if you want the best looking doors, they are a thing of beauty, will last forever and, like posh car doors, every time you close one, it will make you smile.